Sunday, July 2, 2017

Freedom and Sacrifice

It is an easy thing to start feeling depressed when you've missed church for the umpteeth time, and your husband is at a cookout with friends, and you are home, lying down, because it hurts just to stand, hurts to walk, even hurts to sit.

You start beating yourself up for not losing the weight that you know exacerbates the problem, for not consistently doing the exercises you learned in physical therapy, for not having done more to help yourself get better. You're suffering today because you chose not to make sacrifices in the past.

And right now, with Independence Day around the corner, you're thinking about war, about sacrifice, and about freedom. About giving up one thing for something better. You're reading books by and about warriors, past and present. And you're thanking God for the courage and sacrifice of so many brave men and women, who gave their time, their hopes and dreams, and even their lives for a cause.

You're thanking God for the Christian martyrs who, facing a horrific, painful death, still refused to give up their faith. You're proud of those brave individuals and families who helped slaves escape on the Underground Railroad, who believed that ALL men deserved to live free lives and refused to give them up even when threatened by bounty hunters. And you're thinking today of the men and women who, in the past,  fought for freedom, that of ours and of other nations, and who continue to fight for it today.

We don't see much war on our lands today, so it's easy to forget that other countries and other people have to fight hard for their freedoms. And whatever you believe about the rightness of these wars, you can understand and respect those who make heavy sacrifices for their cause.

You may not be a Christian, but you can understand that the first Christians suffered horrific deaths instead of giving up their faith, because they believed it was the right thing to do. You may not be African American, but you can respect the courage it took for free Southern whites to put themselves and their families at risk in order to help others become free, because they believed that all men are created equal. And you may not understand the complexities and reasons for, or completely agree with, the continued US/UN presence in the Middle East, but you can appreciate the soldiers who are fighting evil in a distant country, with none of the comforts of home, instead of being here with their families, or having a cookout with friends.

So this weekend, let's remember that nothing worthwhile comes without sacrifice. Freedom does not come without cost, and for some, they gave all they could, because they believed it was the right thing to do. And others continue to do so today.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New DNA Test for personalized mental health care.

Today I learned about a new DNA test for people with psychiatric disorders. It's called GeneSight, and the (cheek swab) test allows doctors to personalize mental health treatment using your genetic profile. It's still a relatively new procedure, so research is limited. Also, since mental illness can be caused by/affected by more than what's inside your brain, it's not a perfect solution. For example, " circumstances, and interpersonal and environmental interactions can shape many mental health conditions." That's from Dr.Robert Klitzman, professor of psychiatry at Columbia University. 

I recommend that you do your own research and not rely solely on the company's information or patient reviews, as we all know about bias. And I suppose I should add a disclaimer, that I am not a medical practitioner, nor am I qualified to provide medical advice. I'll update this post when my tests results come back. 


Handout from Assurex; given to me by my doctor.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, and welcome to my blog! I'm Anne, aka BookLover. Glad you're along for the ride; let me give you a bit of background.

First and foremost, I'm a Christian. Since that word carries connotations that aren't always intended, I'll be discussing my beliefs down the road, but for now I'll tell you that I'm loved by God, loved more than I could ever imagine or deserve-and so are YOU. I've had enough "coincidences" (I call them "God-incidences") in my life to know that much, and I'll be sharing some of those. I've been saved and made whole by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and I firmly believe that the Bible is God's Word to the world. If you want to know what God is like, read the Bible. I guarantee you'll find answers.

As I said, I'm a lover of books. Make that Lover of Books. ;) Books are my butterflies and stamps. I collect them. Yes, I read them, but just owning books gives me pleasure, even books I'm not sure I'll ever wade through, like Proust's Remembrance of Things Past.  I gave away almost a thousand books last year, only to discover that I still had a thousand more I wanted to keep. Good thing I have the room!

 I'm the wife of the most patient man in the universe, for almost 30 years. Two grown sons, two daughters-in-law, and one beautiful granddaughter.

And...I have Bipolar Disorder. Type II, as a matter of fact. I don't get all the mania you usually see depicted in movies and the media. Nope, Type Twos get depression instead, along with what's called "hypomania." Again, I'll go into more detail as we go forward, but for now, a disclaimer: If I disappear for awhile, this is why, and I will eventually return. So please don't give up on me. :) I may write every day for a month and then stop for two. That's part and parcel of BP, so please bear with me.

So why is this Christian/Booklover/Wife/Mom/Grandma/Bipolar writing a blog? GOOD QUESTION! Suffice it to say I have a lot to talk about. I want people to know what it's like to be Bipolar and still be human. "Normal," as it were. So although I'll be talking about myriad topics on this blog, the focus will be on reading, Christianity, and life with Bipolar Disorder.

Welcome to my world!